This API can be used for the Cloud. An active premium account is necessary.

Responses are json. Fields may be added, the order may change, but won't be removed without notice or change of the structure.

The response always contains a field "status" that will either contain "success" or "error". If the field value "error", there will also be a field "message" with details.

All download and stream links (may contain redirects in the future)

IDs that are numeric (may become alphanumeric in the future)

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Every request needs the paramters customer_id and pin, with the exception when a login cookie is present.

HTTPS is suggested but the API is also available without TLS under

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User Account Information


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Cloud and files functions

API Functions

All parameters can be GET or POST except the SRC parameter, wich must be a file if you want to upload a file. When sending data in production, please use POST.

You can always use our online file manager and look at the network activity in your browser development tools. It uses exactly the same API.

Creating a folder in the root folder


Creating a folder within a folder


List the root folder


List a sub folder


Rename a folder


Move items into the root folder from somewhere else

You need to pass the id of the folder where you want to paste to as paramter "id". Then you pass an array named "items" containing the elements to paste. The elements should have the fields "id" and "type" to identify them.

Move items into a folder from somewhere else


Items: This should be a multidimensional array with items, containing two name fields. The first is "type", the other one is "id". Those values can be obtained from the folder list.

Delete a folder by its ID


Delete an item


Browse the content of a finished torrent


The respose should be self explanatory. The "transcoded" field for each video file will be null if the transcoding has not yet finished.

Once it has finished it will contain the necessary meta data.

Check torrent hashes against our Cloud


Start a download of a torrent


Target folder is not supported, but the parameter will be named "folder_id".

SRC can be a posted file, a magnet link or a link to a .torrent file. Other types than "torrent" are not supported at the moment but will be soon.

This will also return a transfer type and ID after creation of the transfer.

In some cases the ID is the same as the hash.

List current transfers


Note: The most reliable would be to use "progress" which will be a float from 0 to 1 and "status" which will either be "waiting", "finished", "seeding", "timeout" or "error".

Clear finished transfers


Delete or abort a transfer


Note: ID and type can be obtained from the tranfer list

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Bugreports, questions and help

Please reach out to our regular customer support. Your message will be forwarded to the technical department.

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