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How it works

  1. After activating the free mode you can generate 1 direct download link.
  2. The maximum filesize is 5 GB.
  3. You can activate the free mode for the next link again after 120 minutes.
  4. You can download the link from any device that is logged in to the same account (Kodi, etc).
  5. For now this works only with addons that implement our direct download API. The web-version will be coming soon!

Note: This is a new and experimental feature. We will adapt the limit to see what works best for free and premium customers. One thing is certain: We will do everything to give best service quality to our premium customers, so if this means to limit the free mode more strictly, we will. If there is more capacity we will relax it a bit. To make sure you always have best service quality and access to premium downloads, please have a look at our premium memberships.


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