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Knowledgebase / General / How can I pay with sms or call?

Mobile payment with text messages or by call is available in the following countries:

  • Australia (call only - payment in Australian dollar)
  • Austria (call and sms - payment in euro)
  • Belgium (call only - payment in euro)
  • Czech Republic (call only - payment in Czech koruna)
  • Finland (call only - payment in euro)
  • France (call and sms - payment in euro)
  • Germany (sms only - payment in euro)
  • Greece (call only - payment in euro)
  • Hungary (call and sms - payment in Hungarian forint)
  • Ireland (call and sms - payment in euro)
  • Italy (call and sms - payment in euro)
  • Luxembourg (call only - payment in euro)
  • New Zealand (call only - payment in New Zealand dollar)
  • Netherlands (call and sms - payment in euro)
  • Norway (call only - payment in Norwegian krone)
  • Poland (call and sms - payment in Polish złoty)
  • Slovenia (call only - payment in euro)
  • Spain (call and sms - payment in euro)
  • Sweden (call only - payment in Swedish krona)
  • Switzerland (call and sms - payment in Swiss franc)
  • Turkey (sms only - payment in Turkish Lira)

Please note that there are maybe additional fees for payment with sms or call depending of the country. Prices are for calls from landline, calls from mobile networks may vary.

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