This is a legacy API and replaced with our new api at
Support will end December 1st 2018

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accountstatus: api documentation

note: * responses are formatted to be better readable, the actual json responses don't contain line breaks. * everything is rest and json based. * every response consits of a json object with the fiels "result","status" and "statusmessage". result holds data, status is an error/success code, statusmessage is only information relevant for displaying or debugging. * only address fields using their named key, not their position within the object (because other data may be inserted at a later time) * error codes conform tho http status codes (404 -> not found, etc...) * in case of success the status code 200 is always returned * when implementing the api, only use status codes and not status messages. they are only informational and may change. * right now the api will work also if you mix up the order of parameters, because they have named keys. but please don't. * you can see the parameters and urls in the example calls * Important: don't do a filecheck whether a file is online via our api! please use the filecheck apis provided by the hosters. in future we plan to release a seperate link checking api but no date is scheduled yet for that. now to the methods... method: accountstatus error codes to be expected: 401 (login failed) possible values for the field "type": premium, trial, prepaid, free. (all statueses except free can download) possible values for the field "expires": a timestamp within the future or null possible values for the field "fairuse_left": this field is a float value that represents how much of the fair use limit has been already consumed. 0 represents that nothing is left (0% available), 1 means that everything is still available. the field is normalized so that no negative values or values greater 1 will be returend. you can use this factor for example to show a bar-chart or pie chart of how much fair use limit is left. note: the fields trafficleft_bates and trafficleft_gigabytes are deprecated. this is because in future different hosters may have different limits and the number may not be accurate. please only use the field fairuse_left in your program. example call and response:[login]=john&params[pass]=secret { "result": { "account_name": "john", "type": "premium", "expires": 1349617332, "fairuse_left": 0.77168611980213, "trafficleft_bytes": 235758593575, // DEPRECATED "trafficleft_gigabytes": 219.56730035599 // DEPRECATED }, "status": 200, "statusmessage": "OK" } method: hosterlist errors to be expected: 401 (login failed) example call and response:[login]=john&params[pass]=secret { "result": { "hosters": { "": { "tlds": [""], "regexes": ["http:\/\/\/datei.*"] }, "": { "tlds": ["", ""], "regexes": ["http:\/\/\/file\/.+", "http:\/\/\/.+"] } }, "regexlist": ["http:\/\/\/datei.*", "http:\/\/\/file\/.+", "http:\/\/\/.+"], "tldlist": ["", "", ""], "hosterlist": ["", ""] }, "status": 200, "statusmessage": "OK" } method: directdownloadlink errors to be expected: * 400 (no valid link) * 401 (login failed) * 402 (payment required - the download would be possible, but the account is not premium) * 403 (forbidden) * 404 (file not found - the file has been deleted by a 3rd party provider) * 428 (hoster currently not available. ) * 502 (unkonwn technical error (most likely from a 3rd party provieder - retry after some minutes, we recomend 3 minutes)) * 503 (temporary technical error, maintenance - retry after some minutes, we recomend 3 minutes), * 509 (fair use limit exhausted - retry after some minutes, we recommend 10 minutes) notes: * we recommend to cancel downoads in case of any 4xx errors and retry them in several minutes in case of any 5xx errors. * the location field holds a http/https url that direclty responds with a data. however there may be a redirect behind it at a later time. content disposition filenames may or may not be sent, depending on the 3rd party provider * urls may get a bit longer and will certainly outpass the 255 byte mark, but should stay below the 2083 byte mark, so any modern browser and application will work. example call and response:[login]=john&params[pass]=secret&params[link]= { "result": { "location": "http:\/\/\/dl\/\/111\/c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b\/eNoB-AAH_9-L8iyuzDnSxkxSxTv4-9Okv2-ssPnBLjg30qsCMs_3AJTTFUZjkW-VqRaafsDXWn3iKJbFfAQR6i-fg5erfgt534dfg-AVXZKVgbJFxVtnSUxm-FVwoOp74IYnMxzYBRy_gTUKw28xTWB2OU3mDcuyXVlQdJh2UZkImGTMQS4GG5vWYLgnqJkU1fQ142wRNryHZqgS1dIxnrQZFZl3Fw\/randomfile.htm" }, "status": 200, "statusmessage": "OK" } if you have any questions or comments, please contact our support center