Feature-rich Cloud Storage
with our secret sauce


Plentyfull Cloud

Generous quotas to hoard, download or stream

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Remotely Fetch Files

Handsfree fetching and storing of any file directly into your cloud

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Privater VPN

Protect you and your data while accessing the web

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Simple und erweiterte Anwendung

Transfer and collect to your cloud

Browse the finished files and stream or download

Einfache Anwendung mit unserer Web-Oberfläche

Powerful automations made possible by our API

Was unsere Kunden denken

With Premiumize I can remotely transfers links and videos into my cloud. It integrates nicely into my Mediacenter and the Android App is amazing!

Ethan - Aug 11, 2019

Cloud storage is usually quite expensive and lacks any special features. With Premiumize I not only get a great deal but it even includes an additional VPN account.

Danielle - Jan 8, 2017

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Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg Spenden

Premiumize members donated more than 3000€ for research on children cancer.

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