Fetch And Hoard - Convert And Stream Any Media Link

Proper Speed Everywhere

We make sure our infrastructure is close to you.

Servers in over a dozen countries are ready to manage, store and deliver your files wit the best performance.

We automatically assign you a server location but you can manually override it with your favourite pick.

Blazing Media Processing

Premiumize.me automatically optimizes your media files for streaming in different quality selections. Or you can just stick with the original file. The choice is yours.

So Much Space

Our system is built to scale with quality hardware at a great price.

Every premium membership includes 1000 GB of storage - significantly more than our competition!

Virus And Malware Protection

Every stored file is checked for virus and malware. Your cloud - and any transfer - ist safe.

No Tracking. No Snooping. And No Logs.

We also subject ourselves to a very strict privacy policy and do not log your transfers. All transfers to and from your cloud are encrypted. Neither your Internet service provider, nor anybody else can peak into your transfers.

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