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Always be a premium member on file sharing websites

No more waiting times or low speed downloads! With you are always a premium member. You won’t need separate accounts for file hosting websites and you’ll have premium access to dozens of them for the price of one. Enjoy the fastest download speed and bypass waiting time for download on all popular file sharing websites like,,, and many more.

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Easy, fast and private cloud torrenting

You can simply copy-paste the torrent or magnet link into our web based downloader. Store files in your cloud or watch online; no torrent client is required! Your personal ip will never connect to the torrent network and you are shielded from showing your identity.

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What is Usenet and why we are the best provider

Usenet is a collection of newsgroups where you can discuss a particular topic or share files via newsgroups and then your messages will be distributed via Usenet servers. Each server holds these messages for a certain amount of time (known as retention time). You can think of Usenet as an internet forum in which messages are only available for a particular period of time and they are not stored in one server. High speed, auto-complete feature, SSL encryption and many other unique features of have made us one of the best Usenet providers.

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You are born to be free and to browse freely

Whether you use Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, all your online activities like private conversations, personal information, or even your downloads are being tracked, monitored and stored. It’s called Online-Tracking. Your ISP was the first one that spied on you and invaded your privacy but unfortunately it wasn’t the last one. helps you hide your digital footprint by offering fast and secure VPN. You are free to choose the best VPN server location from many different countries we have. It’s also perfect for streaming in HD and fast access to many website which are normally not available in your country.

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RSS automation

RSS is a type of web feed which allows you to access updates to your desirable online content (such as news, series, songs, movies, etc.) You don’t need to visit many of the same websites every day, by using RSS you will get content from those sites and add it to your cloud automatically. On we update your feed every thirty minutes.

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