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What is CashToCode?

CashToCode is a start-up from Berlin (Germany) and works together with various local retail stores in Germany (over 15,000 dealers) and Austria (over 4,000 dealers). In the near future, local payments will also be offered in Italy, Great Britain, France, Canada and Greece.

The whole thing works in such a way that the payment generates a barcode, which you simply show and pay for at a participating dealer. The payment is immediately marked as paid and your premium account extended accordingly. You can simply print the barcode or, of course, show it on your smartphone. And do not worry: if the scanner can not scan the barcode, there is still a number that the seller can type.

In which countries CashToCode is available?

CashToCode is currently in available in Germany and Austria.

Which dealers participate?

The participating dealers can either be found in advance on their website (click) or during the ordering process.

A few examples are:

Germany: Shell, Esso, Wolsdorff, Agip, OMV, Avia, Aral

Austria: Trafik, OMV, Shell, BP, A1 Tankstelle

Please note that not all branches always belong to the same operator and thus participate. For example not all branches of Aral participate. Do not worry, during checkout process you can select a participate dealer. But there are still a lot of retailers, mostly kiosks, which also participate, so the network is even in rural areas surprisingly well developed and almost always a partner quickly accessible.

Is it possible to switch the dealer after code generation?

No, the code is always linked with merchant whom you selected when making the payment. If you still want to change the dealer, you can easily start a new payment and generate a new code. The old one then simply expires.

How long is the barcode valid?

The validity varies depending on the dealer and is only relevant if you print out the code. However the expiration date can be found under the barcode. If you have the code on your smartphone, a new one is automatically generated when the old one expires.

What do I do if I do not want to use the barcode?

Nothing, if you do not pay the payment will expire automatically.

Is it possible to write down the number under the barcode and show it at the retail store?

Technically this is not a problem, but in practice it depends on the dealer, if he accepts it but he do not have to!

The dealer does not know what CashToCode is and can not process the payment.

Please check this article in our help section.

I paid, but did not get my premium days.

Please contact our customer service and provide a copy of the receipt you get from the dealer.

I do not have a printer.

That is no problem, you can use your phone instead. Just start the payment process on your mobile phone and show the barcode to the employee. If you already started the payment process on your desktop device you can request an email with the barcode to your email account (which should be reachable from your smartphone).

Anything else?

Only one thing: if you print the barcode please DO NOT fold the paper otherwise the code might not be readable anymore and the employee has to enter it manually.