I have problems with the addon for Firefox Back to Knowledgebase

Please read the following article first. If you still cannot use our addon after it, please contact our customer service.

Installation fails because of a connection failure error

This error sometimes occurs for unknown reason. Anyway there is an easy workaround:

  1. Download the addon as ZIP file and extract it
  2. Press CTRL + O and select the addon file to install it
  3. Follow the installation tutorial to complete

The selection of a location is not saved

This error occurs if you have not explicitly allowed the addon to run in Private Windows during installation. This setting is mandatory since Firefox version 71.0, even if you use the addon in normal mode.

You can fix this by opening the addon settings, search for the Premiumize.me addon and select Manage

Now search for the Run in Private Windows option and set the setting to Allow. The addon should work now.

Please make sure that you are using at least version 1.0.9 of our addon.