How much can I download Back to Knowledgebase gives you fair-use points. You have 1000 points available at the beginning, which is also the maximum of regular points you can have. Every day at midnight (UTC time zone) you will receive 30 points again. Your points account will also be replenished to 1000 points with every premium purchase (whether one-time or subscription).

Fair-use points can be used for:

The storage for the cloud will not be deducted from your fair-use points. You always have 1 TB of storage space available.

If once there are no more points available, you can temporarily no longer use However, you can then buy a booster package. If you buy a booster package, you get additional booster points, which are always used when there are no regular points left. Booster points can also be used for additional storage space (1/30 points per GB and day).