How much data can I store in the cloud? Back to Knowledgebase

A membership gives you a fair use point allowance that you can freely use among our services. The regular membership gives you 1000 points. Cloud storage space reserves 1 point per Gigabyte - which get refunded to your point balance once you remove the file from your cloud. If you need more space, you can always upgrade your limits with a booster package.

Technically it is possible that you store more files in your cloud than you have points (e.g. due to expired booster points, etc.). In this case we will inform you in time by e-mail and after seven days we will delete the oldest files. You can prevent this by buying a booster package.
Important: This only affects points consumed by files in your cloud (e.g. you store more than 1 TB in your cloud, but only 1000 points are available to you). We won't delete any files because you have exceeded your point limit by downloading files!

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