How to use SIP with VoIP service? Back to Knowledgebase

SIP can be use for alternative VoIP apps, ip-phones, telephone systems, routers (e.g. like AVM Fritz!Box), etc. Often there are templates for popular VoIP services but in this case you have to select the manual settings.

Configuration Data:

Server-IP: (port: 5060)
Alternate Server-IP: (port: 6000)
Alternate Server-IP: (port: 6000)
Stun Server-IP:
Alternate Stun Server-IP:

You can find your login data here. In some cases there are problems with the * character in your username. If you have this problem you can also use a @ character. Sample: 123456789@premiumize <> 123456789*premiumize.

Using a SIP connection the caller id will be hidden but you can login here (using your VoIP login data) and enter a caller id which will be used for outgoing calls so your contact will see your caller id and knows who is calling.

Disclaimer: By entering a caller id you certify that you are the rightful owner of the number and allowed to use this number for this service. Any misuse and abuse will be prosecuted by us, our VoIP provider and maybe reported to legal authorities.