Zippyshare does not work properly in jDownloader Back to Knowledgebase

Zippyshare blocks more and more countries (including the UK, Germany, Denmark and Spain). As a result, you can no longer access the Zippyshare website or download files in these coutnries. With the download is still possible. If you use jDownloader the download will work as well, but you will not be able to check the online/offline status or file/package name. The reason for this is that jDownloader requests this data from the filehost in LinkGrabber, which is not possible with Zippyshare if Zippyshare is blocked in your country.

In the following tutorial you can see how you can avoid this problem by using a proxy server:

First, open the proxy settings in jDownloader (Settings > Connection Manager).

Click on Add to add a new proxy.

This windows should now be visible. Please enter the following:

  1. Type: HTTP
  2. Host:
  3. Port: 82
  4. Username: your customer-id
  5. Password: your api-key

Next, we strongly recommend that you whitelist the proxy for "" only, so that the proxy is only used to retrieve information from Otherwise all your downloads will be routed through the proxy. This doesn't give you any advantages, but disadvantages, because you will probably get worse download speeds or downloads will fail.

  1. Click the edit button
  2. Select Whitelist instead of Blacklist
  3. Remove everything from the text field and enter
  4. Save and start your download

This tutorial was created for version 2 on Windows Server 2019, so images in later versions may differ slightly, but the functionality should be the same. If not, please contact our customer service so that we can revise the tutorial and help you.