My download speed is very low Back to Knowledgebase

Such issues involve a lot of servers, because data connections are made between you, our CDN provider, our servers and the filehoster (in case it was a download from a filehost). This means that there are a lot of points on the way that can be the cause of the issue, and not all of them are under our control.

We do our best to make sure that at no point in time any server is overloaded and that we always have more capacity than we actually need. We achieve this 99% of the time.

The distribution of traffic (when files are downloaded and which ones) is of course not always the same, so 1% of the time something overloads. We are usually aware of such congestions very quickly and react to them.

So please, try whether the issues still exists or whether they have gone by now. If they still do exists, please proceed as follows.

To deal with your issue, we first have to establish a few things. Please answer the following questions and send them by support ticket:

1. What is the download speed your connection is capable of?

Please go to the following url and include the results in your response:

Please note that this website uses several techniques that get the maximum out of your connection.

This means that the speed does not reflect the download speed you usually have when downloading a file!

2. What is the download speed from our servers?

Please start the download of the following sample files:

Download 1:

Download 2:

Download 3:

Of course, you don't need to download these files completely, you only need to download them until the speed has levelled off.

Please do not use download managers or similar, as they can manipulate the result with multiple connections and parallel downloads.

Of course, make sure that the bandwidth is basically available, here you should pay attention to other downloads, Netflix & Co. and online games in your network.

3. Which service was used?

Please tell us which service you used (e.g. Cloud, filehosts, Usenet, etc.).

4. When exactly did the problem occur?

We need the exact date and time and time zone to review our server logs to see whether anything was overloaded at that point in time.

You can get that information here:

5. What is your IP address, ISP and physical Location?

You can get that here:

6. Are the problems new?

Did you use to have better speed in the past?

With this information we will be able to properly assess your issue and if it is under our control find a solution for the problem.