My download speed is very low Back to Knowledgebase

Such issues involve a lot of servers, because data connections are made between you, our CDN provider, our servers and the filehoster (in case it was a download from a filehost). This means that there are a lot of points on the way that can be the cause of the issue, and not all of them are under our control.

We do our best to make sure that at no point in time any server is overloaded and that we always have more capacity than we actually need. We achieve this 99% of the time.

The distribution of traffic (when files are downloaded and which ones) is of course not always the same, so less than 1% of the time something overloads. We are usually aware of such congestions very quickly and react to them.

But also routing between your ISP and our CDN or servers is important. Unfortunately there is no catch-all solution to this as ISPs decide on how they route you to our servers. The only thing we can try on our end is to give you several options on how the file reaches the network of your ISP.

You can do exactly that by adjusting your Download Server Location setting in your Account panel. Here is how to do it:

1. Get the speedtest files

Go to this link and will get a new folder called “Speedtest Files” in your cloud.

Do not worry, this will not cost you any points or storage.

2. Find out which location works best for you

Go to the folder and download the test files one after another. Take note of the filename and its speed. You do not need to download them completely – just long enough to get a good idea on the average download speed.

As these are video files, some browsers might open them with their internal video player. In this case, just do a right-click and select "Save Link As". Please also read our additional information at the end of this page to get realistic results.

3. Pick the location

You want to pick the location, with the highest and most consistent speed in the previous step. Head to your Account Paneland adjust the dropdown. Once adjusted all newly requested links will be routed differently.

Additional Information

Use a browser to do the tests. Download managers usually open several connections while browsers and the likes of Kodi only use one download connection. Hence it is of little use to test the download speed with a download manager.

Some users reported speed issues on their Kodi device while there are no problems on their browser or laptop. There could be several bottlenecks that are unrelated to Premiumize: Maybe your device is too weak to decode the encrypted file transfer or the WiFi signal on your box is substantially slower than on your laptop.

Of course, make sure that the bandwidth is basically available, here you should pay attention to other downloads, Netflix & Co. and online games in your network. Lastly, this will not help if your overall internet connection is too slow for the video file size to stream properly. A quick test is: If the download takes longer than the video length streaming will not work.