Unknown downloads or point usage, what now? Back to Knowledgebase

If you find any unknown files in your account, or if you see a suspicious or unknown usage in your usage list, someone else probably has access to your account.

First, you should change your password immediately. Please make sure that you have checked the option to log out all devices when changing your password. This will stop any further misuse.

It is quite possible (even very likely) that only your API-Key has been phished (e.g. by an unofficial program/tool, etc.). However, you should change your account password for other services if you have used the same password there. This is especially important if your email account password is the same.

If you have any suspicion that a certain tool, program or app has stolen your access data, please inform us immediately. Please pay special attention to any further anomalies in the next weeks and contact us immediately if you notice any.