How to verify your caller id for VoIP service? Back to Knowledgebase

When using our VoIP service, you can also configure your own Caller ID which will be used for outgoing calls so your contact will see your caller id and knows who is calling.

Due to stricter international regulations to stop and prosecute abuse and fraud, certain calls will only be accepted with VERIFIED CALLER ID. This means that calls to certain countries, certain providers or certain individual phone numbers are not possible if you do not have a Caller ID on file or have not verified it. A corresponding error message is then displayed for such calls.

Caller ID verification is possible via the YourDialer app or a website.

YourDialer app

Setting the Caller ID in the YourDialer app is very simple. You just need to open the app and select Caller ID from the menu.

Verifying your own mobile number is very simple. You will only be asked to make a call via your SIM card (not via VoIP!). The call is free of charge for you, because only the caller number is checked and the call is not accepted. This verifies your phone number. Please make sure that your caller number is visible to other callers, otherwise this method will not work.

Alternatively you can verify other numbers (e.g. your landline number). Just click on Other Number, select your phone type (mobile or landline), your country and enter your phone number. After that just click on Verify and select Already have a code. When using the resend button you can request an SMS with the confirmation code or alternatively receive an automatic call with redial. Now you only have to enter the confirmation code and your number is verified.


To set a caller id with your browser just click here and login using your VoIP login data. Now just select your country, enter your phone number, select the phone type (mobile or landline) and click on Add and Verify

You now have the choice between a confirmation by SMS or phone call. In both cases you will receive a confirmation code, which you have to enter. After that, your phone number is verified.

Disclaimer: By entering a caller id you certify that you are the rightful owner of the number and allowed to use this number for this service. Any misuse and abuse will be prosecuted by us, our VoIP provider and maybe reported to legal authorities.