Knowledgebase / What is the Fair-Use Limit and how does it work?

Back to Knowledgebase is based on a fair use system. We use this approach to distribute resources evenly among users.

Since the membership offers a wide range of premium services, we have introduced a point system where every usage equates to a number of points.

The regular premium memberships allows for 1000 points in any 30 day period. For most services 1 GB of transferred data equals 1 point. Some services are calculated with the use of a factor. A factor is mostly used when a filehoster is especially troublesome or very expensive.

Your available points are calculated with your traffic history of the last 30 days. In any 30 day period you will have 1000 points available.

Of course all points can be combined freely.

If you ever reach your fair use limit, you can upgrade your limit with one of our booster plans or simply extend your membership since any purchase of a premium membership resets your point balance!

Points and limits reset midnight of Central Europe (German) time zone.