New feature: Download History (opt-in)

Your personal portal now has the option to keep track of the download links to any files you had downloaded or streamed previously.

The download history saves you the hassle of searching links again.

Feature example: You are using your membership with a common TV Media Player or typical streaming addons. The way those addons are designed, you often do not know which link was actually submitted to

You've searched and streamed a movie but you fell asleep before the movie ends. The next day you want to watch it on the bus/airplane on the go ... So before you leave home, on your phone, you simply go to your download history and quickly lookup and retrieve the exact same file.

The download history is designed for you to do just that.

To address any potential personal privacy concerns, the download history feature is NOT on by default. You will need to enable it first

We hope a lot of users find the history convenient and useful. This feature is still very basic and we will improve the user experience over time.

We want to thank all our users who suggested this feature

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