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The use of L2TP/IPsec may no longer be possible on Android 12. We recommend using OpenVPN instead.

Step 1

Open Android-Settings and select More.

Step 2

Select VPN.

Step 3

Tap on Add VPN network to add a new vpn configuration.

Step 4

Select a server from our servers page.

Enter a Name (e.g. - Location , select L2TP/IPSec PSK as Type, enter as Server address (where is the sever you selected) and enter premium as IPSec pre-shared key.

Step 5

Select the vpn server you just configured.

Step 5

Enter your customer-id as Username and your api-key as Password. If you want you can save your credentials so you do not need to type them in all the time.

Step 6

Click here to go to our check site, where you can see if everything is configured correctly.

This tutorial was created on Android 8, so images in later versions may differ slightly, but the functionality should be the same. If not, please contact our customer service so that we can revise the tutorial and help you.
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