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Unfortunately, this feature is only available to existing customers who already have a VoIP account.

Step 1

Install YourDialer from Google Play Store

Get it on Google Play

Step 2

Open the app and enter your voip login credentials. You can find them here.

Step 3

After successful login you should see this screen. See how to navigate:

  • 1. Dialer (current screen)
  • 2. Your contacts
  • 3. Your recent calls
  • 4. Menu
  • 5. Balance

Step 4

This is step is optional but recommended:

You can set a caller id so the callee can see your telephone number. If you do not do that, the callee will see random numbers from random countries and might refuse your call. In addition, due to stricter international regulations to prevent and prosecute abuse and fraud, certain calls will only be accepted with verified Caller ID.

You can find more information about verifying your phone number here.

Step 5

You will see this screen as soon as you call somebody. You can use the buttons to mute the microphone, open the dialer, switch to bluetooth or enable the speaker. Below you can see the time, the price per minute, the connection fee (should not occur) and the connection quality.

This tutorial was created for version 7.24 on Android 9, so images in later versions may differ slightly, but the functionality should be the same. If not, please contact our customer service so that we can revise the tutorial and help you.
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