Apps & Plugins

Follow the tutorial

Step 1

Download jDownloader here.

Before you can start the installer you have to click on Open and confirm that you want to open JDownloader Installer.

Step 2

jDownloader now preparing the Wizard for installation. As jDownloader is not completely designed for MacOS, the installation is a little bit different as a normal installation on MacOS.

Step 3

In this Step you are able to change the destination directory.

Step 4

After the installation has been completed you have to open the Settings.

Step 5

  1. After JDownloader has started, select Settings
  2. Add a new account
  3. Select and input your pin / api-key, then press OK

Hint: Select General and select the correct download location.

Also select the correct extraction path when using the Archive Extractor.

You can find both your pin / api-key and customer-id at the account overview.

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