2. Select a country/server

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Germany, Frankfurt Select
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Symbol Meaning
P2P traffic is allowed on these servers due to their performance, connection and location.
Filesharing via P2P networks is prohibited because P2P traffic is not allowed on these servers. We kindly ask you to respect that and to use our servers where we allow this traffic otherwise we might lose this location which would affect all users in the end.
These servers have better bandwidth than the others, resulting in top speed.
These servers are not recommended for highspeed downloads due to a slower network connection, which results in slower downloadspeed.
These locations are known for very good privacy and data protection laws. But of course all of our servers are high secure and we respect your privacy.
By using these locations you are able to access several webservices which are normally not available in your country like Zattoo/Wilmaa in Switzerland or Pandora in the US.
These locations have lower bandwidth caps due to their location so we recommend to use them for web browsing only. We kindly ask you to forgo any kind of downloads and streams.