Cloud Access Via SFTP

Access via your cloud is possible via SFTP.

What Is SFTP?

As far as usage is concerned, SFTP is very similar to FTP, which means you can just use your FTP client as usual, because most FTP clients also support SFTP connection. The big advantage of SFTP is the encryption, so the data transfer is always secured.

Please note that for technical reasons SFTP cannot be connected to our CDN network, so the data transfer is always directly from you to our SFTP server in Europe. As a result, download and upload speeds may be slower than you are normally used to.

In principle, any SFTP client should work, but we recommend the following SFTP clients, for which step-by-step instructions are also provided:

If you want to use a different SFTP client, you can find the data you need to connect here:

Port: 22
Login: your customer id
Password: your API Key

Note: The SFTP Feature is still in beta. We appreciate any feedback!